jjcommunity Rocking the #skeeball with Miranda at #chuckeecheeses. This place hasn't changed since I was six. I love the fact that games are still a quarter. Makes me feel like I've really made it in the world. :). Two bucks was a big deal. Now I'll drop a ten just cause I can. ;) Question: Is there anything that you share with your kids from your childhood? What's is it that brought you back? 3y
  •   tallguywithcamera Ummmm...that place has changed A LOT. lol 3y
  •   dolphingirl_ The old tv shows, you know, the ones that were worth watching . . . Get Smart, Knight Rider, Different Strokes, Family Ties, A-Team, MacGuyver . . . So on and so forth. The funny thing, they seen to like those better than most of the newer shows! : ) 3y
  •   pnwbetty Books. Of course. The feel, the smell of a book in hand, turning pages. The delicious magic of loosing yourself in words strung together to create a story you simultaneously read and live. Sneaking more reading time with a flashlight under the covers. Not even specific books, although there are those, but the experience of books. 3y
  •   tabithajoi My kids would all rather watch older cartoons(think Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Flintstones etc.) than the new junk. I am proud to say they also know who Alf is and they've watched Dinosaurs( I da baby gotta love me). Some of the new things just really aren't worth letting my kids see. Innocence is bliss. 3y
  •   betsindia I wanna go there so bad 3y
  •   violetrothko @joshjohnson Hoping my comment was not misconstrued and removed but that maybe I messed up somehow...My daughter still loves Skee ball this takes me back, nice shot 3y
  •   lenelangbakk My 3 year old daughter is raw at climbing trees just like I was 3y
  •   valangell Been trying to get our kiddos to a cake walk (so far they haven't been, but hopefully in a few weeks!). Was a part of childhood from age 3-12, nearly every summer and late-autumn Saturday (townsfolk each bring a homemade cake or sweet, baked goodie. All goodies are placed on tables in the center of a numbered walking ring. Folks buy tix (25cents each) and walk around the circle while a marching band plays. When the music stops, leader draws a ticket. Whoever is standing on the number drawn, wins a cake. Like musical chairs, only sweeter, and with multiple winners. Was a great way to share good food, good music, good company! One Sat my sister won 6 cakes! Lucky one! :) 3y

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