theoreticalyield A fifteen minute walk east from here was sunny and 10 degrees warmer yesterday. #fogstagram #farawaylichen 2y
  •   kareber The weather is sometimes unpredictable, I'm sure I'll see it sooner than later. And I'll try to bring some of this summery weather back up with me 2y
  •   theoreticalyield Sweet, that'd be great! safe travels K. @kareber 2y
  •   calimex Love the microclimates on this trail... just here last Monday! 2y
  •   bugsymatthews13 Beautiful pic!! 2y
  •   mayurkhunti Lovely :-) 2y
  •   trynidada So cool and moody..... 2y
  •   jennaberrybean Love everything abt this shot. 2y
  •   basilny Painting 2y

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