vistavista The unusual happened! #salamanca #imissthatcoffee 2y
  •   fuhrmanator OMG nomnomnom 2y
  •   raisecain How do you tag far away places once you've moved? I can't ever find location for my latergrams ... 2y
  •   vistavista @beapple الله يعطيك الصحة!! :) 2y
  •   vistavista @fuhrmanator hahaha :) 2y
  •   vistavista @raisecain usually when you take the photos with the iphone camera , it saves the location where it was taken. But if it goes through some editing apps, Instagram doesn't reconize the location anymore. 2y
  •   raulgorta Churros and coffee :) 2y
  •   clok_moitie Yumi! Are you in Spain now? 2y
  •   vistavista @clok_moitie oh no! Got back a month ago (unfortunatly) 2y

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