igers Hi everybody! #Instagram updated few days ago its #Privacy Policy. It's a long time they didn't update it and I think it's a good point. To avoid misunderstandings or surprise around datas, what you can or can't do in IG.. Please read the new terms of use! I know it's boring but it's always useful! Have a great eve #Igers ! 2y
  •   wild_at_heart_sl_cjw I Agreed with @millicentg 2y
  •   philgonzalez Yes @millicentg as say @jase6 we are not Instagram team! Instagramers is a worldwide community of users :-) @wild_at_heart_3g4sk you can transfer your comments through help.instagram.com 2y
  •   nicky_dt Thanks @igers for sharing this info 2y
  •   _maru__ 2y
  •   dayesleeper @philgonzalez @jase6 If you agree with @millicentg and you should, you and anyone else that reads this should go to help.instagram.com and make this known. If you fail to report such, you are as much the problem. I hope that the IG community gets this issue fixed. For if people steal photos there is no individuality or safety in posting. and @igers thank you for posting the change in the EULA 2y
  •   isaac0_o if instagram's privacy policy is anything like facebook's policy, then user beware. 2y
  •   millicentg @dayesleeper I have written in my complaints about this to instagram it's really bothersome they changed this in the updates 2y
  •   philgonzalez @millicentg if you have any other complaints please tell us ok, it´s important. we will write to. ( @dayesleeper ) 2y

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