•   tmacblocboy make a song for yhem punks,they will understand then! 3y
  •   tmacblocboy Them Punks! 3y
  •   theblackkoupa Now Meek I don't think it actually goes in that order but real talk!! 3y
  •   beyand_aproblem What do I have to do or pay to get you to come to.my 18th birthday party ? @meekmill 3y
  •   maserati_hec Don't 4get about that #BASE ma boy . . 3y
  •   r3dd84 Fuck this nigga named @dunkspaidinfull u ain't Good in yo own hood fucking fag tell another man to suck ya Dick queer ass nigga from the Bronx get murdered in the Chi fuck boy! Clown ass thug.com Nigga get a life and push them Lil quarters while I punch clocks.... @Meekmill keep doing u my dude! 3y
  •   chubbi.beauty #Truu & Bitches come last 3y
  •   i_slic Payday come sooner and relay run to us 3y

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