convo_pieces Arrgh! Just discovered that moths have been eating my @donnawilsonltd blanket! This means war... 4y
  •   convo_pieces @nicekindofblue it's horrible when you spot them isn't it? :( 4y
  •   sarahrooftops @convo_pieces @hellojenuine My boyf's last landlord tried to withhold £370 from his deposit. He argued it down to about £20. Good luck! 4y
  •   missmacdonner I have this blanket! (random comment) 4y
  •   hilarygrantknitwear Moths ugh. Although my cat likes to hunt them she slso brings them in as trophies! I've always been really lucky with moths but Itry not to be cpmplacent either. If you try to air wool outside before storing that can help. I heard moth balls are really bad for cats though so beware. 4y

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