lala Happy...with him 2y
  •   freshwatson Black love! 2y
  •   zeemariambah 2y
  •   pinkfalcon Love is beautiful 2y
  •   tolo9_jordan My Fav Couple of course Boricua en la casa xD 2y
  •   whyhate1 Let go melo sexy ass couple keep doing y'all thing @lala 2y
  •   so_barbiiee @lala and @carmeloanthony ya look so happy together... Love ya 2y
  •   pinkscorpion7 @lala @carmeloanthony I'm praying for you two. Please work it out. I love you two! I feel so dumb for posting this because I never post but this really touched my heart. Pray and ask God to heal. If Kobe/Vanessa can, y'all can too. God knows me and.hubby have been through it. Don't let any outside forces break up 10 years.. Love ya 2y
  •   darmyonna Awwwe 2y

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