juanpas9 this fantastic photo was shot by @koshi_another_side and the #bwcollaboration team edited it.
Odo Park is a my fav park facing one of the most scenic coastlines in #Fukuoka / #Japan. There are large pine forest and yacht harbor. We can see fabulous sunset from this park.

The #BWCOLLABORATION is a UNIQUE TAG........ Same photo, different b/w edits from the Fabulous BLACKANDWHITE TEAM.
Check the other edits by:
@tubaa @hermanolobo @nikosx @ecnerual @whatever2011 @journeyofnow @arridj @ozono5555 @avenueone @lrcasanova @moerdo @juanpas9 @princia_ @ilkerro @belenbutra @yaiphoto @acedialacrimosa @gallus @gordogf @bettio @s10g @hnato_nf @thothamon @capitanpollo @jl_saez @mfmasso @paoloberta79_gi @lady_07 @thom_yo @mademoizellev @ohmyjosh_ @Bws_stw @lady_sleeman @koshi_another_side @riribw @missbucci @garthandkristen @phil_81 @jbmambo99 @dhanapuji @pauline_ @___laura___ @temonica77 @sinched @missmadhope @n883 @asrulseruji @diptych @frankon4 @bgnero @dorzad @1midwest @oihana_b ( #bwcollaboration_week47 )

Next week we edit The awesome @riribw (wow)
Stay tuned every monday for other edits on #BWcollaboration!

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