beachmama FYI~ I know most know this and no ones perfect but even just a little change here n there can help us all!! The fake sugars almost killed me! Neurotoxins and they cloud your brain and really hurt people. Just sayin... #health #love #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #truth #artificialsugarkills #truth 2y
  •   ms_grace_1908 #agree!!! No artificial colors in hair products, either! 2y
  •   cherrycola64 So true! 2y
  •   retamercedes and this is just the short list!!! 2y
  •   beachmama @retamercedes totally!!!!!! 2y
  •   lolidm Wish I'd known as a kid ;0) it's so important I don't get y fake sugars even exist yucky! 2y
  •   lauraisabellesims That's mine & @emily_ga 's September less artificial sugar! It is so bad for you & I know taste buds can change cause mine have so much, just got to wean them off sugar now! 2y
  •   s.uperultra Yes! Me and @teenlauravegan have made a plan to tell each other when we crave sugar and make sure we stop each other Damn sweet tooth! 2y
  •   cheamuok I LOVE MSG! Even though u know it's bad for you, I got super exited the first time I found it in an Asian food store. 2y

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