inesl Doing a liquid diet for the week. Been eating too much salt and too many carbs. So I'm making soups for the week. This one is spinach broccoli and AMAZING. 2/3 got one more left... @goteammeaghan 2y
  •   akagc Came out nice! 2y
  •   colombianspecial This looks so amazing boo. 2y
  •   feelslikeasaturday @inesl I have decided to invest in a #Vitamix with my upcoming school refund cheque...So. Effing. Stoked. 2y
  •   inesl @feelslikeasaturday what is????? 2y
  •   feelslikeasaturday The most epically epic effing epicness ever peep it #vitamix 2y
  •   xcharemizusula Owwww! u_U I need to go on diet as well... 2y
  •   climatemapper But aren't the things you put in soup mostly carbs? 2y
  •   inesl @geogphd not at all! Well, these are all plant based. This one has a couple of potatoes and the other has sweetpotato. Carbs are in everything but I've been eating too many processed refined carbs. Just want to stick to fruits/veg 2y

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