kingjames Don't miss this boat life!! 3y
  •   flyahhju_ Ok 2y
  •   charellthomas #R!ch4Ever 2y
  •   boosiegurl.hayes If. You. Can. Mr. James. I. Want. You. Text. Me. Back. I'm. Really. A fan. Maybe you. Can. Sand. Me. Tic for. My. Bday. I'm. 10 year. Old. I'm. Really. A. Fan. I. Just. Want. You. Call. Me. At. 5628551. I. Want. You. Talk. Me. Not your. assistant 9mon
  •   boosiegurl.hayes you. Thx. All. Them. Shoe you. Got. Them. Lebron. You. Rich 9mon
  •   boosiegurl.hayes My friend. At my school. I'm a big fan you. Know. My friend. Be like. She. She Colby Brian fan. I. Said. I. Don't. Like. Him. Im. Jame. Fan. Like. If. I. Wasn't. A. Big. Fan. I. Won't. Wo. This. Letter to you. 9mon
  •   boosiegurl.hayes If. You. Believe. Me. Write. Me. Back. That. All. I'm. Asking. 9mon
  •   luke___54 Hi 8mon
  •   __m.banks Grind and shine 8mon

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