mckayleah Primula Vialii... An aquatic plant 3y
  •   mckayleah @erynn thanks hunnie, my bf brought it home from work but I have my eye on it for my pond!! Mwahaha 3y
  •   mckayleah @patti2u hello and Thankyou hunnie...yes it's an unusual beauty and aquatic too...I like flowers emerging from underneath the water 3y
  •   texasmikeholmes Don't know you keep finding these! 3y
  •   rquillamormd Looks like a strawberry ice cream on top of blue yam ! Oh I must be imagining things. Ha ha! Such delightful flowers that only a dedicated botanist can nurture to full bloom! 3y
  •   mckayleah @texasmikeholmes my bf brought it home from work and it caught my eye 3y
  •   mckayleah @raulquilamor haha ur imagination is running riot 3y
  •   rquillamormd I think so! Im seeing a lot of things from these exotic and amazing flowers! Ha ha 3y

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