•   instatone @fisheyedreams thank you! 3y
  •   rogelio_1993z @travisjensen what film and lens do u use to take these hipstamatic shots? 3y
  •   travisjensen @roger6996 John S. Lens and Blackeys Supergrain Film. No crops, tilts or other app wizardry, only minor adjustments to exposure in Snapseed, of needed... 3y
  •   travisjensen @roger6996 *if needed* 3y
  •   simonrsparks This is fabulous, Travis, just fabulous. I've spent the last fifteen minutes or so scrolling through your feed trying to find a particular reflection shot (I found it: Chinatown, San Francisco from two months ago) and, as I did so, I was struck by just how many fabulous reflection shots there are here. I think that when you're able to layer two distinct scenes on top of one another you're often able to do that in a way that creates both aesthetic interest (the way the details interact and compliment each other) and narrative intrigue (just what /is/ going on here?). So ... 's good. Really good. 3y
  •   pinkcherryfluff So amazing. 3y
  •   avartco 3y

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