amerrymishap Reading during breakfast 2y
  •   romana21s Love the illustrations in your book ♡ 2y
  •   laylalay What is it about? So lovely! 2y
  •   l0vewillfindaway Save the pic for a rainy day 2y
  •   unscented @amerrymishap Oh! I do hope you'll share the title of this book with us :). The melancholy is just so captivating ... 2y
  •   amerrymishap @unscented @soulecat @jessiejonz @__andrea__h I had to go look it up because I couldn't remember but it's called Rain and Hail. 2y
  •   jessiejonz Sweet of you to go through the trouble. I'll have to look it up. Looks like one I'd like (you know...because the books are mostly for me, ha...kidding ;)) 2y
  •   unscented Thanks for sharing the details! So excited about adding umbrellas to our collection ;). 2y
  •   londonbride You'd love The Geometry of Pasta book. The design agency I work for designed it and I thought of you when it came out, you should get a copy for your shelf :) 2y

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