ampt AMPt Member @repinsk presents Sunday blues edit

photo by @elvisandme

Porque de marchas

Taking pictures is such a truly intimate thing to me. I have a background in fine arts and have always been what I considered a "watcher". I look hard at every little thing and for longer than one should. My manners tend to escape me in these moments.
It's human behavior that fascinates me most, but I'm a sucker for a gorgeous landscape so they'll often appear out of nowhere in my gallery. I do my best to capture the sensitive nature of strangers, my loved ones, and myself in an attempt to lasso as much mood as possible. Mood and light to me...are the pillars of every great picture.

This particular self portrait I took as a disheveled, drenched, depressing mess. I had globs of black mascara smeared around my eyes and I couldn't have felt more lost in the moment and in my mind. A picture a day is my goal no matter where I am or what I feel.
Instagram is my photo diary and I'm honored to share its extreme lows and grateful highs. I thank the instagram community for its plentiful inspiration it's been a gift to my daily life.

Shot in native camera and then taken in vsco cam where I selected the no.2 bnw setting and went into tools and adjusted contrast, exposure, and fill.
I then brought the pic into magichour to look for a soft blueish filter and under favorites selected the "old and faded" filter and simply toyed with the curves and heightened the texture and vignette. After it was just how I wanted it I went into snapseed where I enhanced it's structure and lastly I took the portrait into paintfx where I meticulously blurred half of my face.

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