olloclip Loads of people and a news crew down at the Newport Wedge to see people riding the big waves. I used to go out here in 20 foot sets when is was in school. #olloclip #fisheye #newportwedge 4y
  •   seanmalarkey Get out there pat! 4y
  •   arica_adventure @olloclip in this picture what app did you use to get the whole fisheye picture in? It doesn't look cropped. Sorry, probably a dumb question 4y
  •   olloclip @alove79 I just used the Apple native camera app to take the picture and then imported it into Instagram. I cropped it in Instagram to make it square, so we lost the right and left edges. 4y
  •   olloclip @seanmalarkey it was not big enough for me ;) 4y

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