pickypalate Our Sunday mornings are so peaceful. ....can someone please give me a baby girl to play dolls with? Lol!! 2y
  •   iamtickledred Lol...I so feel ya :) 2y
  •   supermom_kelli I think the same thing sometimes when my 3 boys are wrestling:) 2y
  •   swirledsweeties I second that for myself as well. Boys!!! 2y
  •   coppertop97 Nope! Having a house full of boys is the BEST!!!!! My two were just wrestling with their dad. 2y
  •   ellingson6 Oh a girl wouldn't change it! They are crazier than boys!!! Promise! 2y
  •   cookiesandcups Oh I feel the same way!! 2y
  •   dklarsen2 Right there with you! I have 4 boys:) 2y
  •   kimaadams I'll have June and Ellis bring up some barbies when we come visit!! Nice upper thigh Mase!! 2y

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