everydaycarry Here in the Philippines I have to add this extra gadget to my EDC: "Pocket WiFi." it's loaded with 3 days of unlimited, impossibly slow Internet for $2 or so. 2y
  •   25246 Globe's kind of getting complaints re: svc. Best bet would've been Smart. 2y
  •   johnnyryall Balikbayan! What part are you visiting? 2y
  •   kharraz Burgos St. 2y
  •   johnnyryall You staying in Manila or travelling around? 2y
  •   geordino @carrygram Is the pocket wifi Mac compatible? 2y
  •   everydaycarry @johnnyryall Pasig and Boracay for the most part.
    @geordino Yup, it just acts like a pocket modem+router, so up to 5 devices can connect to it. So far it's just using my mom's iphone and ipad, and my iphone and macbook. It charges via mini USB (I use the iphone charger dongle). otherwise, it's completely wireless. 2y
  •   geordino @carrygram good to know. Going to be useful for my next trip there. 2y
  •   johnnyryall @carrygram cool brother...my parents retired in Pampanga. 2y

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