saboskirt The gorgeous American singer Jordyn Taylor wears a sequin tail skirt (left) - available now at #saboskirt - follow Jordyn! @jordyntaylornow 2y
  •   dadjeans69 I'm sorry but I think that girl needs to pull up her dress 2y
  •   kayls_rad @saboskirt I can't find the dress on the website ?:/ 2y
  •   bombiphone Angle twin 2y
  •   5908231 Sexy bady 2y
  •   alizamin021 Coolllll 2y
  •   amandatumbel Ummm is she wearing a skirt as a dress? That dress doesn't seem right 2y
  •   voovie I have that skirt and I'm absolutely in love with it! I tagged saboskirt in my pic wearing it 2y
  •   pork_chop_95 Hello Ladies",) 2y

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