kellygolightly Domino: $10.99. Godiva: $2.99. Your husband realizing you just spent $15 on a magazine & candy bar: priceless. 2y
  •   easy.chic Hahaha :-) that's great ! 2y
  •   haileyboutique @kellygolightly I told my that for me is the same way he feel when he buy beer. 2y
  •   sara_at_mimibellas Is Domino magazine back in production?! Oh that would make me so happy! 2y
  •   theroxyreportdotcom How exciting to know that Domino is back!!!!! Monthly or quarterly I don't care!!! Love that mag! Xoxo 2y
  •   kellygolightly @quietspirit82 They just published their second "special" issue. So far both have been mostly rehashes of old content, but this issue had a little new content. I can't resist when I see Domino back on shelves. Hoping they really come back but this is a good start! 2y
  •   kellygolightly @theroxyreportdotcom I know right?! Love Domino! 2y

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