transitionpete just thinking about a model of humility and servanthood that is marked by one who has strived to align his life to that of Jesus Christ -- the memorial service and celebration was moving and inspiring...... you will be missed, Bill! 3y
  •   lumbershnazz Wow.. I'm sorry. But to know that he lived serving God. I mean you can't ask for more 3y
  •   tyghteyez Talking about respect! Now that's what I like! 3y
  •   mandaklaum A life well lived is a life of service. God bless his family. 3y
  •   ighanian I am truly sorry that you lost one of honer friend and I am sure mr Bill will think of you and your family member. May Peace with your friend Bill. Regard Rohan. 3y
  •   thesilverjoeybeato The day of death is better than the day of birth :) God is the Greatest! 3y
  •   gnicholson3 What a perfect eulogy. 3y
  •   jillfoster Thanks for sharing his great smile. 3y
  •   trinityofthephoenix Much respect. 3y

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