shannon_pnw His and Hers. Pumpkin!!! 3y
  •   strippdan I've been holding off on pumpkin-fall brews in an attempt to hold on to summer. It's time. 3y
  •   shannon_pnw @letters2tj was eyeing this yesterday at the store - I bought it for him today since its September 1st ;-) @strippdan 3y
  •   shannon_pnw @mrsapplegate I'm not a beer drinker but according to my husband it's very good! I wanted to get a pumpkin drink from sbux since its the first day of it - but it's 70 degrees in Seattle so I opted for an iced drink! 3y
  •   luckieemee13 Is pumpkin spice at Starbucks now?? 3y
  •   shannon_pnw @luckieemee yea! Just started today!!! 3y
  •   luckieemee13 Score! It's my favorite..... 3y
  •   bo_odah You can have them make a pumpkin spice frappucino.I suggest having them add vanilla bean to it and maybe caramel as well.I have a sweet tooth when it comes to coffee.argghh. 3y
  •   shannon_pnw @bo_odah oooh that sounds so good!!! I'll definitely have to try that! 3y

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