subasko Simply satisfied. This is my weekend place for much needed coffee. 3y
  •   m2matiz what are those tall cross like wooden (?) sticks on either side? 3y
  •   subasko @m2matiz Yes...This is my favorite weekend morning place to go for a cup of coffee. I love Intelligentsia, too, but this place is more relaxed without feeling like I'm walking into a scene where I need to curl the tips of my mustache. The sticks are actually metal supports to keep the partition glass up. I know. It looks odd in this photo. 3y
  •   subasko Click onto my GPS tag for this place, Proof Bakery, to see more photos from others @m2matiz . 3y
  •   m2matiz ahh now i see the glass.. i know those curly mustache places.. a lot around these days. thanks for following. 3y
  •   subasko Ditto @m2matiz . Oh don't get me wrong. I love Intelligentsia and their coffee(s) but Proof is certainly more relaxed with kids galore. Cool parents with cool kids. 3y
  •   m2matiz i'm all for proof then 'cause we're cool parents with cool kids.. haha.. 3y
  •   subasko Well there you go, @m2matiz . Come to Los Angeles and coffee with the rest of the #kinfolk. 3y
  •   m2matiz we'll be back again soon! and i will have to remember this place. 3y

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