jameskelch Hidden agenda! 2y
  •   jameskelch @nickydiamonds1 faking it at my shop. Haha. 2y
  •   selectsean Hi Kelch! I'm sending you some stuff this week 2y
  •   jameskelch @selectsean hello Sean! Stoked. Gotta stay fly. Plus it makes me feel like I'm still I'm the game and a special ass homey. Yeeee! That's all need. #FEELINGSPECIAL 2y
  •   jameskelch STUPID SPELL CHECK. 2y
  •   jameskelch @selectsean Sean! My belly shows when I stretch. Xls please. Hahahahaha. 2y
  •   selectsean Hahaha make up your mind OG! If I'm an XL you are! 2y
  •   selectsean EMB for life 2y
  •   jameskelch @selectsean hahahahaha. Make up my mind. Are you kidding. Hahaha. I'm out there homie. Str8 crazed. Yes. Oh are right. I'm xl for sure. I'm fuckimg 6'1. What was i thinking. Emb for life. 2y

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