twwly Any locals want to adopt some friendly barn kitties? 3y
  •   crazymonkey84 No but can i adopt u haha 3y
  •   piprobins Yes please!! 3y
  •   boonoos :) 3y
  •   ausername Spay/neuter? Would prevent needing to find homes for kittens. 3y
  •   twwly If you can figure out a way to prevent people from dropping cats off in droves to "the middle of nowhere", I'm all ears. If you would like to contribute to spaying & neutering this batch of cats, lemme know. @ausername 3y
  •   ausername I contribute money locally to a group that fixes feral cats and releases them. There's no fix for the diagnosis off asshole, ie. people who drop off their animals like that. 3y
  •   twwly @ausername Unfortunately, there's no group here doing that, and the "batch" rate is over $100 per animal. Our pet cat was dropped off at the end of our drive, it's an endless flow. People also drop off coons & skunks to "the middle of nowhere", which just happens to be my house. Gets old, fast. 3y
  •   twwly @ausername Not saying we don't neuter and spay them all, it's just a huge expense for the poor sod who just happens to have the hay mow some abandoned or feral cat decided to make a nest in. 3y

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