kdkuiper Riverside #onblurpose 2y
  •   khadijasohail Bokeh 2y
  •   zika999 bigggg likeee 2y
  •   irisayumis 2y
  •   kalenmarelle Isn't the city beatiful 2y
  •   rontimehin How do you get bokeh on iPhone? Looks fantastic bro :) 2y
  •   kdkuiper @rontimehin you have to lock the focus, I stick my finger out in front lock it on that, and then it's trying to focus it on something super close that's no longer in the frame 2y
  •   rontimehin Nice! thanks man, will have to try it out :) 2y
  •   this_girl_is_blue It's really cool but I don't really like the blur but still amazing 2y

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