mikeyk Tiramisu cup! Thx @shayne and @amy 3y
  •   purple_nickey I want one!!! 3y
  •   pinkroza It's look delicious 3y
  •   nycflatiron 3y
  •   pamarquezini Eu quero 3y
  •   peterpaulwiechulla Hi @mikeyk,
    I am Peter Paul, a student at the School of Design of Pforzheim University in Germany. I am currently working on my Bachelor Thesis with the topic “illusion and reality in design” based on the photo sharing App Instagram, also related to authenticity. The format of my thesis will be a set of magazines including the interviews and the pictures of the interviewees as well as their photos that are shared on Instagram. This will not be published.
    I’ve created a small questionnaire with questions about your person, your opinions and your presence in social networks focusing on Instagram.
    I like your pictures that you share on Instagram, that’s why I am contacting you and hope you have some minutes to answer my questions and thus be a part of my thesis.
    Please give me your Feedback within a week.
    Looking forward to getting your feedback
    It would be great if you want to be a part of my Thesis. As one of the Instagram Founders, I am very intersted in you.
    Thanks for your time.
    Peter Paul 3y
  •   nastasja_nielsen Mmm delicious! 3y
  •   _hipster_tumblr_ Yum! 2y

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