•   yungnepha2i @itsludacris what's going on brah yo I was hitting you to inquire bout your mentorship n outreach foundation because I would like to become involved I currently work with the Steve and Marjorie Harvey foundation throughout the year and I enjoy what I do so I wanted to see how I'd be able to get on board with working with your foundation 2y
  •   madc0n @madc0n gotta represent that... 2y
  •   imjustj_s_d_u Team virgo stand up... 2y
  •   jessa_less Fucken sexy 2y
  •   steve_vaughan Watching you all this time man you are truly blessed bro, from chicken and beer to caviar and conjure! You made it my man hah makes me proud to see your hard work paid off @itsludacris 2y
  •   lafeychia Boy I would've! 2y
  •   lava_st8_case Damn boii 2y
  •   partypfrombc Do yeah drink Em or just promot them lol all yeah bottles a full man 2y

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