killerfemme California wine tasting! 3y
  •   igarrett Please please pleasr if you are in santa ynez region for wine find kemneth volk (foxen is a good bet on tge charm end) 3y
  •   igarrett *kenneth 3y
  •   killerfemme @igarrett ooh, we will look tomorrow! We've got some time - we visited Firestone, Koehler and Fess Parker today! 3y
  •   igarrett @killerfemme great start! My choices in the area are kenneth volk and foxen as mentioned, but aslo cambria and cottonwood canyon are nice too... But kenneh volk, thats the shit ;) 3y
  •   killerfemme @igarrett cool! Thanks! We are here for a wedding and they organized a wine tour for us. If there's time tomorrow between the beach and the ceremony we'll try to hit some of those up. What a great area! ^^ 3y

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