mccranker Graffiti from 1988 in the woodshop at my daughter's new high school. #skaters and #bangers. #H-street 3y
  •   antclaravall Your daughter is in high school!! Where did the years go? 3y
  •   spencermorganphoto No joke... Where did the years go? 3y
  •   omnivorekeil Wow your daughter's in high school? I can picture her at the end of menikmati and that seems like yesterday. 3y
  •   thisboycelife High school... Wow... 3y
  •   willordie11 H street rules and Metallica whoever did that knows a lot about good taste lol makes me wanna leave A message in a local bathroom stole 3y
  •   willordie11 Stahl 3y
  •   _wyattlee Time warp 3y
  •   backsidetailslide If this is where I think it is, theres a good chance that I did that H-Street logo. 3y

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