tonyhawk Backyard fun with @bananaboards yesterday. 3y
  •   laddyredd04 @tonyhawk One of my best memories as a kid is that one Christmas my brother got a new Pro Skater game for his playstation and my mom loved to play your games so much that nights before Christmas after my dad went to bed she would wake up me and brother to play and then wrap it back up before we went to bed. Haha! Good times... 3y
  •   carlos_mesa Bravo!!!! 3y
  •   coop_smith Tony hawk 3y
  •   camerondd13 Woooowww nice 3y
  •   ethan_879 Awesome I love that backyard 3y
  •   arielcortez17 Wouu!! Is great 3y
  •   famousdusty @tonyhawk I know your probably to busy to read this but I just want you to know you were and still are one of my idols growing up, so thank you for bring who you are and awesome bro! 3y

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