elenashihan On my desk right now: #coffee #feverfew #flowers and a few lovely notes :) 3y
  •   elenashihan @cotonetlavande thanks sweetie! :) 3y
  •   elenashihan @febbie thank you so much! <3 3y
  •   frasm are these mini daisies or camomile flowers so pretty 3y
  •   frasm thanks for not answering funny leave nice comments get no response when you mean get a lot of comments and not even from the person you directed them at there idiot followers who i wasnt even talking to and it none of their buisness and im entitled to my opinion 3y
  •   elenashihan @frasm I'm sorry for making you wait, I don't always check my feed so please don't be offended. As of the flowers, these are neither daisies nor chamomile, they called feverfew 3y
  •   frasm thanks for getting back do you have a website? 3y
  •   elenashihan @frasm yes! you can check it at www.classy-fabulous.com 3y
  •   zelihac I love daisy, my favorite flower 3y

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