irreg #namebracelets to be sold at #pikeplace. my job is weird, I sit and think about people from my life as names from a list. sometimes when it's a name of someone I'm close to, I send them #reiki while I'm making the bracelet :) I'm getting pretty good at visualizing whole shifting scenes while working. #daydreaming, yes, but more productive 3y
  •   nyenein Is that Calla on the left side? 3y
  •   irreg reiki = universal healing energy @sagesalokin 3y
  •   irreg @neighborhoodstory I have made many a Jamie bracelet and thought of you every time 3y
  •   irreg @nyenein i think that one was a Bella, however there was calla yesterday! I totally thought of you. names are so magical 3y
  •   irreg @linzinator cooool yeah I really like these letter beads! stretchy?? I wanna seeee 3y
  •   linzinator Yeah! They're simple and made with basic seed beads on stretch cord, I'll post pics! Yours are WAY more intricate and cooler!! 3y
  •   bshn @cougfan00 these are the bracelets ! any name/word you want for $10 2y
  •   cougfan00 Very cool 2y

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