nickspud Personality & Diversity. Two of the most important reasons why Brenton Little is a part of my Instagram experience. Our IG feeds are a reflection of ourselves. Some more than others. This being the case for the well-dressed, well-groomed, tattooed creator, we get a very spectacular look at a wildly interesting individual. Brenton shares with us a rainbow of interests from his appreciation for insect and animal life, glimpses of his gorgeous wife -- Tarantino starlet vibes --, candids of his adorable and adventurous son, Liam, snapshots of a pretty Dallas, and a truly unique loyalty to portraits. People portraits aren't nearly celebrated or valued like landscapes are on Instagram. But Brenton gravitates towards them regularly, offering us peculiar three-quarter portraits, where his subjects correct sloppy posture and give us their best "eternal gaze" faces. It's strange and wholly awesome. It's that type of sparkling feature in his feed that I've grown to adore. His personal preferences and unique eccentricities are compelling, leaving his followers curious to learn more. His Instagram perspective is wide-ranging, utilizing IG in a "authentic to himself" sort of way. Enter the irregular world of new Instagram Legend, @brenton_clarke | #igtalk #legend 3y
  •   curious2119 Yay! Can't wait to read this one! 3y
  •   lauralawsonvisconti Yesyesyes 3y
  •   jambry Cool! Excited to read 3y
  •   abbieredmon Nice - thank you for letting us know about this guy. Awesome. 3y
  •   jonesjanuary nick. superb. your writing and command of the english language is undeniable. i am drawn to your words and writing style (perhaps even more than your photography..?) love that you feature IGers (even ones that take forever *cough cough* to get back to you) - peace to you. and have a fantastic weekend, friend. 3y
  •   robinmay My favourite interview yet. Thank you! 3y
  •   hokaytokay superb choice, thank you! 3y

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