themeoftheday PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS/RULES CAREFULLY ξˆ† Theme of the day: ABSTRACT FRIDAY ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY is unlike most other types of photography - rules, such as composition and accurate focusing hold no values. Abstract photography is a process of using colours and patterns combined to create an image, with no true meaning or no clear subject involved. Abstract photography is not necessarily going to mean the same thing to everyone. Abstract photography leaves more to the imagination and helps us concentrate on texture and colour rather than the whole subject. -wiki ξ…’ R.U.L.E.S.  @themeoftheday's #themeoftheday #totd_abstract ξ„₯ Only 1 photo allowed per person ONLY NEW PHOTOS ARE ALLOWED (all entries must be uploaded within an hour /or after this photo is posted) ξ€― Deadline: 11am Pacific Daylight Time , the following day ξ„Έξ„Ή Four winners ξ€ˆ The featured photo is by @kimsta 4y

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