•   wellness_beauty_travel Is this sold as a kit? 3y
  •   hairformula @glamourhabits It can be sold separately or as a kit $17 plus tax. This is referred to as "Sample Kit". We also have a "Rejuvenation Kit". Visit our site @ www.hair180.net Thank You 3y
  •   wellness_beauty_travel Ok great I will check out the website. I have relaxed hair, I need something for moisture & thinning/breakage. 3y
  •   hairformula @glamourhabits You have stopes at the right place! View the site, where we list all ingredients, what they are good for and directions on how to use them. We also have what's called: "Signature 180•" it's where we can Custom Blend a product for your hair. Thanks Nikki CEO of Hair 180• 3y
  •   wellness_beauty_travel Ok thanx a bunch hon. 3y

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