Hi Lovely Peeps, the vet has diagnosed my brave boy to be having urinary crystals that might forms into stones if left untreated in his bladder.
Kidneys r doing ok.

Now he's on antibiotic and urinary diet helping to dissolve the crystals.

We will have to monitor him for 2 weeks before taking his urine sample to the doctor.

He drools because he's in great pain when he's urinating, urine causes acid reaction to his bladder which is torn by the crystals.

Thank u v much for the concerns dear ig friends. You guys are great n totally of great help.
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  •   iheartmonocats @_gaii thank u dear gahee love 2y
  •   iheartmonocats @koooalaburr he'such bttr already fear 2y
  •   danilynnheartsyou @iheartmonocats awe, poor baby. Did they give him pain meds too? My kitty had the crystals, the surgery and many UTIs , but he also gets bouts of bladder inflammation from it all. This has been going on for years, so I am familiar with all of the medicines. Haha... We have him on probiotics and cranberry daily as well as an anti inflammatory called Dasequin that you might want to ask your vet about in the future. And he has a constant stock of pain reliever called Bupronex. 2y
  •   blaze_coquine We lost our boy to those.. really only happens in males.. If you have other boy kitties our vet said iams, science diet, and other premium Cat foods are the only foods that will prevent this from happening if they haven't developed crystals yet... Good luck you sound like and amazing Parent to your kitties!!! 2y
  •   iheartmonocats @b_l_art hey lovely, thank u. I think the perfect diet for cat are still fresh fishes which I have not started giving them yet. Right now I'm starting to change their diet on dried food from those salty brand to those that u mentioned. I have to get them get used to it before starting in the wet food. And I'm so sorry for ur loss kitty is watching you from above. God bless love. 2y
  •   iheartmonocats @danilynnheartsyou hey so sorry I missed ur comment. Yes im bringing him to e vet on Monday again to check on his urine sample. Thank u so much for all e concern n help rendered love. God bless 2y
  •   crazy_bout_cats Good luck with your brave little kitty! I am sorry for you, but he will get through it!! 2y
  •   lillgreen My prayers are with you... 2y

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