convo_pieces Broken biscuits (better than biscuits!) 3y
  •   convo_pieces meant better than no biscuits... obviously! 3y
  •   tipatkins It's all the same to me but my kids refuse broken's so weird. 3y
  •   convo_pieces @tippics I always leave the broken ones if I can... no idea why really! #bigkid 3y
  •   bellabellat I prefer broken biscuits! Makes me feel like I'm tidying up... 3y
  •   convo_pieces Love that theory @bellabellat!! 3y
  •   under_glass_sky Can you still by bags of broken biscuits? So British! 3y
  •   convo_pieces @underaglasssky I know you can get broken chocolate but I haven't seen broken biscuits... you prob do get them though! 3y
  •   hannahkross You can get a massive bag of broken shortbread for like £1 from the shortbread factory at sighthill, apparently! 3y

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