andersoncooper Confetti at #RNC #Tampa 3y
  •   decipherme @jj_villalobos I was not saying that people that age and older are not accepting to gays and gay marriage, but the older the demographic you look at the less acceptance there is (Funny the "I have a friend whose..." got thrown in). That was my point. I don't see what my age would have to do with anything, because no matter how old or young I may be, my views would still be the same. But I do agree with that, the fact that many parents are loosely around. I went to a high school where many kids parents could barely tell you anything but the basics about their child because they basically just threw them loose. I do agree with you though, both our points are valid, just depends whose viewpoint it's being judged by. 3y
  •   _shinylights I love confetti! 3y
  •   sithlord_30 RNC had one great highlight...Clint Eastwood!!!...How sad that everyone is still talking about his speech instead of Romney's??...#MakeHisDay#lLOL#GOPAtWar 3y
  •   kcfront1 Voted for Obama in 2008 and watch your show every night. Please tell me you will scrutinize the DNC as heavily as you did the RNC. We are not ignorant out here. Obama has been a huge underachiever and we are very dissapointment 3y
  •   williamsbishop this looks amazing, your so lucky! @andersoncooper 3y
  •   wtyprtykty gooooooooo romney!!! 3y
  •   christina.hinton Awesome shot! 3y
  •   pic4cookie Glad we voted democrat in my family 2y

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