jessee_artschooldropout Trying to take a picture of three kids at once is almost impossible!! Haha! Thank you @molldoll527 and family for being our dinner dates! :) 3y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @molldoll527 Coralines still talking about giving Oscar a kiss!!!! Ha. 3y
  •   hellodollfacemolly I was trying to figure out if I had a picture worth posting. Thanks so much for having dinner with us. Don said you seem like good people, which is his awkward way of saying he liked you guys. Haha! Oscar kept telling us he needed to get out and go to Coraline's house. He even asked me to open the car door on the way home! 3y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @molldoll527 i thought this was the best one bc of Oscars face! And JC pretty much said the same thing about you guys!! He said the story about the George Bush picture sealed the deal. Haha. And your boy was seriously dedicated to get to our house if he was willing to jump out of the car!! That made me giggle! 3y
  •   hellodollfacemolly I'm going to look for a print of that picture for you guys to hang! 3y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @molldoll527 we would totally hang it too! Haha. 3y

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