nbcnews Outside before the final night at #GOP2012, where Mitt Romney will accept the Republican nomination. #nbcpolitics #decision2012 3y
  •   penabauza boring day!! 3y
  •   mazviking Romney and his family are soo fAke get real people they are rich and he will only help the rich get richer and the poor will be left with nothing.. Romney can't even make a speach right.... If Americans vote for Romney.. It will be a sad day. 3y
  •   thebossofitall I wonder what Tampa locals are thinking because the city economy is terrible. The income they are making is only going to last a mth worth of bills then after that it's back to struggling, only the strip clubs are making money :( love that city but too hard to survive 3y
  •   tidewell ...wonder who built that... 3y
  •   4laha4life4eva We are entitle to our own opinion...dats why its called FREEDOM!! If you were in a foreign country and try to speak your mind...your head woulf be cut off. America da beautiful...people just dont know how good they have it!! 3y
  •   hkd14 Romney is a great man. When he worked for the Olympics and when he was governor he worked for free. There is nothing wrong with being successful and taking care of your family! What American doesn't dream of that? 3y
  •   lisalebed My university hall!!! 3y
  •   angbrooklyn Mons Venus 3y

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