shaunusher Me and my lovely wife last weekend. It was perfect! 2y
  •   sarahkay78 Looks perfect x 2y
  •   shaunusher Cheers all. Leo: Thanks. I always knew you were a man of style. 2y
  •   ivancoll11 Congrats Shaun! 2y
  •   versyschelle Congrats! Such a beautiful wife and handsome husband. I wish you a long life of happiness together x 2y
  •   iamamro Congratulations Shaun! No idea how I missed that news! You both look lovely. 2y
  •   lenyeggert Congratulations!!! 2y
  •   lolliffe congratulations 2y
  •   djtobybones That's not you don't lie cock haed 2y

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