anamulvoyten At Nandos with Jade 3y
  •   toomanyfxndoms Aw cuties ๏ธ 1y
  •   ari_gandararuiz Jade and you 12mon
  •   maristerpiece i miss it so much 9mon
  •   enriqueerondan I miss it so much un Anubis, i love it forever #sibuna 4mon
  •   emma2777_ Member this show ahah @lexi111627 2mon
  •   _foreverr_fa I loved this show 2mon
  •   mnmarl_11 Ana ur my inspiration and all i care about is my wish to come true to be an actress and to meet you๏ธ w will be with me๏ธ u are the key to happiness of all of ur fans especially me sometimes i wonder what your doing at this very moment and i wish this moment will be with me one day ur part of my life ana ur my world and i thank you for that u inspire me every single day and again thank you for that ive never loved someone like this before well you just showed me how cool and awesome you are๏ธ๏ธ love you A LOT PLEASE READ THE COMMENT PLZ PLZ PLZ XXX 4w

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