ampt AMPt Selections photo by Michelle Watt @wattphoto

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Geo sits in wait for his strength and willpower to return after a brave attempt up a hard and high bouldering problem in the Gunks

Taken with Camera+. Imported into Snapseed for Vintage filter, zapped all texture, decreased center size and brought down brightness a touch. Increased sharpness and added magenta to rid the green from Vintage. Import into IG Rise filter. Export back into Snapseed for slightest increase in contrast, lower ambiance to make darks richer, desaturate a bunch to rid red from Rise, and selective adjustments for increased contrast to face, trees, and pockets of light and shadow that would make the figure pop out of page

I live and work in New York, although I travel frequently as a freelance photographer and avid rock climber. Inspired by my dearest and talented friend @sashafoto, I started using Instagram as a stage for visual experimentation. It was also a way for us to exchange intimate moments when we weren't near each other. When I discovered that this idea of sharing personal stories expanded well into the larger Instagram community, I became eager (addicted really) to exchange these intimate moments with people all over the world. IG has been a constant reminder and escape into overlooked pockets of beauty and wonder.

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