philsoven Welcome to my "office" doesn't get much better than this. 2y
  •   ifetoks Peaceful 2y
  •   wakeboarder7 Hey I'd really like to come meet you and your bother and get some training with wakeboarding iv bee wakebording for a year now and im just now getting wake to wake I think if I could train with y'all I could become a lot better please consider this and get back to me thank you @philsoven 2y
  •   annachm If you were work I'd be doing you 2y
  •   jimby18 She's horny^ 2y
  •   micbev Great 2y
  •   eyeofky 2y
  •   t_winston @philsoven is there gonna be any more wake brother man,that show was great?! 1y

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