•   leveretts I have an open question for anyone with the answer. What is the name of this style of photo? The kind where the image looks like a corridor or hallway. Is there a separate name for roads leading to the horizon? 2y
  •   leveretts @uptowneastnyc I hope you don't mind me asking this on your photo. I'm curious and have no idea how to search for this online. 2y
  •   bunn1es Wow!! 2y
  •   missmota LOVE the view 2y
  •   slarina Круто! 2y
  •   wq_ Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there's a specific name for hallway shots. And anything leading to the horizon would be considered a vanishing point right? @leveretts 2y
  •   leveretts Thanks @waynqao for the reply and thanks @uptowneastnyc for the great example of this form. 2y
  •   stikki_peaches Awesome 2y

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