mikeyk I got a little OCD and organized my socks by type last night 2y
  •   atyluc :) 2y
  •   thelmarcks You are my hero 2y
  •   ckanand you party animal 2y
  •   wabadee1 You have very interesting socks. Most dudes have white and black. I like it! 2y
  •   sussudio Nice socks you have!! 2y
  •   mattspitz CDO. Must be alphabetical. 2y
  •   mizze_ghan Hi again can you plz help me with user annadonalds she has pictures of me and my dead grandmother on her instagram and that's not ok can you plz close that account! 2y
  •   ihatefog Can we hire you through task rabbit to do my husband's socks, too? :) 2y

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