kyori Shooting Ducks | This guy was not far from me when I was shooting the swan and ducks. I wonder how his shots turned out to be, as I was not shooting with a DSLR like he did. Do you think shooting with DSLR is more superior than other cameras... for example a compact camera? 2y
  •   igelicious_8d @roseknowsall @kyori we have a saying in my country : "Wala pana yan. Nasa Injan"= it is not the bow and arrow, it is the Indian(American Indian) who uses it. 2y
  •   roseknowsall What a brilliant saying! Thanks for sharing that 2y
  •   amandah98 hm, i don't think it's the camera that make's the pic beautiful, but the photographer! well, the quality does depend on the camera too, but what's most important is the photographer.. ahaha, but that's just my opinion~! ^-^ 2y
  •   kyori @amandah98 Your opinion is not wrong. Thanks for everything! :) 2y
  •   db_wagner I love the iPhone....I also love my canon. The true limitation with the iPhone is it's inability to print large. I've seen 8x10's with decent detail, but I do believe that's the limit. I think you and I and everyone else should use the camera of "their" choice.....because it's the image that matters. 2y
  •   kyori @davebwagner That much is true. iPhone is kinda like a 'family' camera that is just about capturing images, basic of the basics. The MP limited its printing size as you said and it doesn't have DOF unless taking close up. No manual control etc etc 2y
  •   db_wagner The best thing about the iPhone for me is the fact that it is "always" in my pocket. My canon takes better pics for sure but I can't always have it with me. An iPhone pic is waaaaay better than no pic. 2y
  •   kyori @davebwagner That is true too. Mobile phone is also good for doing 'spy' work lol 2y

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