frocksandfroufrou Finally broke one of my improbably long nails today. Have consoled myself with ombré glitter manicure. 3y
  •   wynterwolf27 That looks really cool! 3y
  •   poppysoir I love this. @misselefes 3y
  •   takako_drew I was going to get my nails exactly like that!! 3y
  •   lavme83 Did you do that yourself? What's the best way? 3y
  •   frocksandfroufrou It's REALLY easy to do. On bare nails just do a coat of glitter nail polish. Then keep adding more coats but move further up the nail bed as you go to build the colour at the top. This is about four coats. Then seal it with a topcoat. Easy peasy! 3y
  •   lavme83 @lillipilli1978 thanks! :D 3y

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