lee5e Praying that my little man can come home soon <3 2y
  •   schnauzerhouzer Prayn with U for him 2y
  •   iemilys @lee5e OMG Leese!! Poor Max. Thinking of you all! SASH are suppose to be great! Good decision taking him there! Really hope he is on the mend too poor guy has had a hard month !!! xxxp 2y
  •   wishart87 2y
  •   pawsitivepetphotos I'm thinking about Max today. I've been through similar times so I can relate. Stay strong. I will keep prayers heading your way. 2y
  •   lee5e @mtphoto thanks for the kind words :) it has been so tough but it seems we may finally have a proper diagnosis soon in which case we can hopefully bring him home and start treating him soon.. 2y
  •   pawsitivepetphotos That is great! Your Max looks so much like my Max did and your postings brought back some tough memories. I'd do it all again to make sure he was healthy. Nice to know someone else feels the same way about their Schnauzer. 2y
  •   tracygrt So sorry Max is going through this. I will pray for a speedy recovery. 2y
  •   lee5e @tracygrt Thanks! We are all praying for a spontaneous recovery as it can happen with the condition 'myasthenia gravis' :) 2y

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